Berry growing

In 2015, the Company opened a new innovative area of activity, growing blueberries, and planted the first hectare of this crop. Blueberry is an extremely useful berry, as it contains a large amount of sugar, pectin, iron, mineral salt and vitamins A, C, PP. It is in great demand, both in the domestic market and it is exported to EU countries. In order to obtain the most accurate data on the cultivation of this crop, 4 varieties of this berry were planted - from early to late varieties. This solution enabled researching for 4 years and obtaining results and determining the set of varieties for other areas of blueberries. Also, the Company’s specialists gained the necessary experience and knowledge on cultivation of the berry. The results of growing and selling blueberries meet the expectations of the Group.
A development plan for 2020-2025 was compiled, in which the company will gradually expand the area planted by this berry on the existing land areas. By the end of 2025, 100 hectares of this berry will be planted in several districts of Kyiv region.