Biogas plant

Biogas plant located in the town of Rokytne, Kyiv region, was built in 2014 with attracting a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The total amount of the project was 12 million euros. The complex is located on the territory of 2.18 hectares, and its design capacity is 2.382 MW/hour of electricity and 2.378 MW/hour of thermal energy.

Operation of the complex enables:

  • - producing environmentally friendly renewable energy;
  • - effectively cleaning and disposal of organic agricultural production wastes;
  • - reducing chemical and bacteriological pollution of soils, water and air;
  • - reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the requirements of Kyoto Protocol;
  • - producing high quality fertilizers.

The complex is built for processing organic agricultural production wastes (beet pulp, cattle manure, chicken manure, dairy wastes, etc.) into biogas and organic fertilizers. The production process is a process of mixing and fermentation of raw materials (biomass), from which biogas is released after some time due to heat treatment.

Subsequently, biogas, by combustion, rotates the turbine on cogeneration units and produces electricity, which is sold to the general network at a “green” rate. After the fermentation process, the raw material residues are useful biofertilizers, which are divided into two fractions: solid and liquid, each of which can be used equally effectively in the process of fertilizing agricultural crops.