Agricultural production

Agricultural production is one of the main activities of the Group. As of today, the Company’s main focus is on growing crops such as winter wheat, sunflower and corn. Effective agricultural technologies and high quality soils of Kyiv region can ensure stable high yields. After more than 15 years in agricultural production, the management of the Group’s agricultural division decided to join the group of medium-sized agricultural enterprises and direct the development to increase the yield of individual crops while reducing the cost of finished products. In this model, it is most effective to cultivate fields with a land bank of 5,000 hectares, and provided there is a compact location of areas that are concentrated in 2-3 districts bordering each other in one region.

In this case, the company can maximally optimize the use of equipment. This approach has allowed us to develop an extremely effective production strategy, which includes:

  • - use of the best sowing materials;
  • - efficient and accurate use of fertilizers and crop protection agents, according to agrochemical analysis of each individual field;
  • - availability of all necessary sowing, processing and harvesting equipment of foreign production (John Deere tractors, Claas combines);
  • - an established system of accounting and management accounting;
  • - highly qualified and professional staff.