«SILGOSPPRODUCT» is a leading
agro-industrial association located in Kyiv region.

We are among the successful agro-industrial associations of Ukraine!
Company history
The Group of Companies “Silgospproduct” is a leading agro-industrial association located in Kyiv region, which is an integral part of successful agro-industrial associations of Ukraine. The history of the Group of Companies dates back to 1999, when “Silgospproduct” СJSC - a holding company - was established. Since its creation, the Company has developed active production and investment activities on the agricultural market:
Agricultural production
The agricultural direction has been actively developing since 2001 and as of 2015 the company cultivated more than 35 thousand hectares of arable land in Kyiv and Vinnytsia regions. The key crops were: wheat, barley, soybeans, sunflowers, corn, canola and sugar beets. The harvested crops, which were about 200-250 thousand tons of products, were sold in the domestic market of Ukraine through its own sales companies and through Ukrainian traders – «Kernel», Myronivsky Hliboproduct «MHP» and such well-known international traders as «Cargill», «Glencore», «Bunge» and others. Some types of products were sent to their own processing plants – a sugar factory and a mill. During 2015-2017, all manufacturing companies were unified, provided with material and resource base, transferred to advanced accounting systems. At this time in the agricultural market of Ukraine there was a great demand for the lease of agricultural land by foreign and domestic agricultural holdings and a significant number of companies were sold.
Grain hoppers
The Group has been actively acquiring and integrating grain hopper facilities at various times, and after the consolidation was completed, there were 16 grain hoppers located in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Khmelnytsky regions, with the capacity to simultaneously store more than 800,000 tons of grain and oilseeds. The enterprises actively worked on the primary commodity market and provided services to large agro-holdings (Kernel, TAKO, TAS-agro and others), as well as to local agricultural producers. For 7 years, the Group of Companies “Silgospproduct” has attracted significant investments and modernized grain hoppers, which has increased production capacity, efficiency, and technical level of production. In 2012-2013, a strategic decision was made to redirect the financial capital of “Silgospproduct” GROUP into a new business segment - renewable energy, so all grain hopper capacities were successfully sold to many well-known international and Ukrainian traders, including such well-known companies as «Olam» and «Agroregion».
The Group owned a mill in the city of Vasylkiv, Kyiv region, with a processing capacity of 5,000 ton of wheat per month. The company actively worked on the flour market, supplying its products to Kyiv Pasta Factory, Kyivkhlib Concern, Kulynychi Holding and others. After many years of efficient operation, the Company was sold on favorable terms to one of its wholesale buyers - Kulynychi Holding, which is one of the leaders in the market of bakery products in Ukraine.
Biogas plant
Over the last two decades, the renewable energy share consumed in European countries has more than doubled. Like European countries, Ukraine is also taking steps to transfer to renewable energy. Our company has decided to invest in a new and promising business sector in the segment of its agricultural part. In 2014, the Group of Companies, with attracting of EBRD loan as partial financing, implemented a project to build a biogas plant with a capacity of 2,382 MW/hour of electricity. It was the largest plant in Ukraine at that time.
Growing blueberries
In 2015, the Group laid the first hectare of blueberries and has been actively developing this promising area of berry growing in Ukraine ever since. Thus, for more than 20 years of its history, “Silgospproduct” Group has effectively invested in various areas of agricultural business: from cultivation and storage, to processing and sale. By consolidating and implementing various
companies, the Group’s specialists received and transferred valuable management and production experience.
Our investment department has gained significant experience in mergers and acquisitions, preparation of extensive analytical reports in all markets in which it operates.
Direction of movement
To date, the Group of Companies, having released financial resources from most areas of development, has focused on development in the most promising activities from its point of view, which now include:
  • - Commodity agricultural production;
  • - Electricity generation from biogas;
  • - Growing and selling blueberries.
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